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Create a blog

Sosblog.com is a ludic and powerful tool where you can create a free blog or a free multiblog talking about your favorite subjects without any technical knowledge. Nothing is easier than to create and manage your own blog! This service is entirely free, so try it out and see all the possibilities!

The Forumotion support forum

Free forums support

To respond effectively to all the questions and users problems, a support forum is available. Other support forums have been established in all major languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, German, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, and Chinese).

These forums Official Forumotion allow them to be very responsive about the changes to functionality. The constant contact with users allows them to continually create new features. For example, many tools have been developed regarding suggestions from support users:

A panel management tickets:
it enables administratorsí forums the possibility to directly contact a developer to give him a technical problem. An alert is sent directly to a technician who will answer to the user in the shortest possible time.
A litigation management:
it allows visitors from a forum to directly contact the board administrator to settle all disputes with them directly.
Security tools:
it allows forums administrators to fix errors in their forums. They can via this tool recover deleted messages, correct any errors, HTML or restore their deleted forum.